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Lipetzky’s Irrigation & Landscape wants to help you get the most efficient use from your automatic lawn irrigation system. With the rising concerns of water conservation and water rates, it is important to insure that your irrigation system is properly programmed.

Lawn irrigation systems should be programmed to receive one inch of moisture/week. To accomplish this, smaller spray heads should run approximately 50 minutes/week and bigger rotor heads, 110 minutes/week. These run times should be split so the system operates twice/week. This will create a healthy turf by developing a deep root base. A healthy lawn will require less water during the hot summer months.

Another way to conserve water is to have a rainsensor installed on your irrigation system. A rainsensor will deactivate the clock program once it reachesa preset amount of moisture.

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With cooler temperatures, now is the time to be aware of freeze prevention for your irrigation system. All systems are plumbed slightly different, but these instructions will help to aid in the prevention of damage to your irrigation system. Follow the instructions that fits your plumbing. * Only complete winterization of your irrigation system can prevent freeze damage. If you would like Lipetzky’s Irrigation to winterize your system, contact us by email or call our office at 368-5731.

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